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Notes and Handouts

Notes and Handouts



Ear-EEG: A novel brain monitoring methodology


Professor Preben Kidmose

Engineering College of Aarhus, Aarhus University


DTU meeting center building 101A, room S08 January 28, 2012



We have proposed and investigated a method for brain monitoring based on measuring electroencephalographic (EEG) signals from electrodes placed in-the-ear (ear-EEG). The ear-EEG recording methodology provides a non-invasive, discreet and unobtrusive way of measuring electrical brain signals and we believe that it has great potential as an enabling method for brain monitoring in everyday life. We have demonstrated that both steady state and transient responses can be obtained from ear-EEG, and that these responses have similar characteristics and quality compared to EEG obtained from conventional on-scalp recordings. The objective of the talk is to 1) present the ear-EEG methodology; 2) present results we have obtained from the characterization of the ear-EEG signals, and in comparative studies between ear-EEG and conventional on-scalp EEG recordings; 3) elaborate on some of the advantages of the technology and discuss potential applications.






Introduction to IEEE - The world's largest advanced tech. organisation

  1. Mission & Vision-Organization-Professional Entities by Erik Stilling
  2. Embedded System Design by Paul Pop

Software Defined Radio ( SDR) og Cognitive Radio (CR)

  1. Terrestrial Communications by Christian Kloch
  2. SDR in Terrestrial Systems – Visions, Applications and Challenges by John Aa. Sørensen
  3. Regulatory Aspects of SDR and Cognitive Radio usage by Robert Lindgaard
  4. Applying SDR in Mobile Base Stations by Zhongping Zhang
  5. An operator’s view on the new telecom legislation by Henrik H. Olsen
  6. SDR and Cognitive Radio Challenges and Possibilities by Dr Peter Olanders

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