Past Events

12 June 2017 10:30PM

Device-to-Device Communications in Cellular Networks

<p><strong>Abstract:</strong></p><p>To satisfy the increasing demand of high data-rate services, provide better user experience, and alleviate the huge infrastructure investment of operators, device-to-device (D2D) communications have being considered as one of the key ...

12 December 2016 02:00PM

DTU Research Center on Internet of Things, kick-off

<p><strong>IoT Center</strong>: Billions of smart digital systems are connected to each other and to the internet, forming a vast Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can provide solutions to societal challenges faced by Denmark and the world. We are a group of researchers at DTU interest ...

26 November 2015 01:00PM

Lecture on Audio and Speech Proceesing

<p>The meeting focus on recent developments in audio and speech processing.</p>

29 October 2015 09:00AM

LTE-Advanced and Beyond - status and evolution

<p>The target of this one day seminar is to give an overview of the current status of LTE Advanced and its evolution towards 5G. The first LTE release (rel.8) was completed by 3GPP in 2008. LTE was initially focusing on fast and efficient mobile broadband, and has since been superseded by LTE- ...

08 October 2015 03:00PM

CH08337 on VT06/AESS10/IT12/COM19

<p>Administrative meeting with the following main discussion points:</p><p>-Overview of Chapter Activities in the past period (May-October 2015)</p><p>-&nbsp;Upcoming Chapter activities-planning</p>

24 August 2015 06:00AM

10th IFAC Conference on Manouevring and Control of Marine Craft

<p>Dear Colleagues<br />&nbsp;<br />It is a pleasure to announce the 10th IFAC Conference on Manouevring and Control of Marine Craft, which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 24-26 August 2015.<br />&nbsp;<br />Website:<br />&nbsp; ...

18 August 2015 02:00PM

CH08337 VT06/AES10/IT12/COM19 Technical Meeting

<p>The Third Technical Meeting of&nbsp;CH08337 VT06/AES10/IT12/COM19 has been scheduled for August 18, 2015 in Fredensborg, Denmark as a half&nbsp;day meeting. Attendees are the Chapter Officers and Members</p>

14 August 2014 02:00PM

IEEE CH08337 - Denmark Section,VT06/AESS10/IT12/COM19 Board technical meeting

The meeting is planned as a technical board meeting to discuss the strategy for enhancing the IEEE CH08337 - Denmark Section,VT06/AESS10/IT12/COM19 impact.

20 June 2013 09:00AM

Brain-Computer Interface - workshop and hand-on seminar

BCI research is one of the most facinating fields in neuroscience. This workshop is intended for people interested in learing new skill of BCI communication and for people who are interested in combining BCI technology in their field of expertise.

28 January 2013 02:00PM

Ear-EEG ‚Äď a novel brain monitoring technology

Abstract: We have proposed and investigated a method for brain monitoring based on measuring electroencephalographic (EEG) signals from electrodes placed in-the-ear (ear-EEG). The ear-EEG recording methodology provides a non-invasive, discreet and unobtrusive way of measuring electrical brain signal ...

03 July 2012 03:30PM

Otto M√łnsted Guest Professor Lecture on A Speech/Music Discriminator of Radio Recordings Based on Dynamic Programming and Bayesian Networks

Speech music discrimination is a major task for any music related search-engine. In this talk, we will present a speech-music discrimination system that has been developed in the Dept. of Informatics, University of Athens, Greece.

The talk will embrace all stages, including feature gen ...

26 June 2012 03:30PM

Lecture on Data Mining and Information Extraction for CiteSeerX and Friends

Guest lecture on Data Mining and Information Extraction for CiteSeerX and Friends
by Professor, Dr. C. Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University, USA

DTU Informatics
Room 053 building 305
June 26, 2012, 15:30-17:00

Dr. C. Lee Giles is the David Reese Profes ...

31 May 2012 11:00AM

Sixth IEEE Workshop on Advanced Information Processing for Wireless Communication Systems

Meet fellow researchers and students, expand your professional network, and learn about progress in the field of advanced information processing for wireless systems!<p> The workshop aims to facilitate professional and scientific networking among young researchers working in the field of signa ...

25 April 2012 03:30PM

Lecture series on Sparsity-Aware Learning and Compressed Sensing

Distinguished Otto M√łnsted-Guest Professor Sergios Theodoridis, University of Athens is giving a lecture series on <p><b>Sparsity-Aware Learning: Compressed Sensing</b><p> on five Wednesdays 14:00-15:30 starting 25.04. <p>Everybody is welcome.<p>Please contact ...

15 February 2012 12:45PM

Auditory Interfaces

The use of brain scanning techniques such as EEG enables a direct quantification auditory stimulus. This facilitates the design of auditory equipment and interactive devices. The seminar is intended for all interesting in new auditory interface techniques.

10 November 2011 09:00AM

Future eco-friendly sensors

Why bother with batteries and wires if you can get your environment to provide energy directly to sensors, applications and wireless technologies?

Energy Harvesting is the principle of technologies which harvest energy from the immediate
environment and in this way becomes self-su ...

16 September 2011 01:00PM

Distinguished lectures on multiview video and signal processing for data analysis

<h2>IEEE SP Distinguished Lectures by Prof. Antonio Ortega.</h2><p>arranged by Signal Processing Chapter and <a href=" ">Student Branch DTU</a> of the <a href="">IEEE Denmark Section</a></p> ...

06 June 2011 01:00PM

The Design of Direct Digital RF Modulators

Abstract: The different wireless standards such as Bluetooth, WCDMA,WiMAX, WiFi and LTE are becoming popular and have to co-exist in the same terminal. Thus in these applications, there is a strong demand for low cost, low power consumption and multi-standard compatible
transceiver. Due to the ...

01 June 2011 01:00PM

Challenges in ultra low power CMOS design and nano-technology with embedded SRAM as a design example

Speaker: Dr. Farshad Moradi

Abstract: As the CMOS technology continues to scale down into the nano-scale regime, robustness of the circuit with respect to process variation and soft error are becoming major obstacles for circuit designers. Storage elements (SRAM, flip- flops) are partic ...

31 May 2011 01:00PM

Low-Power/Low-Complexity/High-Speed Analog and Digital Iterative Decoder Design

Speaker: Dr. Saied Hemati.

Abstract: Iterative decoders are known to be the most powerful error-correcting channel decoders, which provide near optimum decoding performance with a feasible implementation complexity. There are numerous applications for these decoders in low-power chip-to ...

18 March 2011 01:00PM

Methods for EEG source connectivity analysis

One of the major challenges in electroencephalography (EEG) analysis is the determination of directed information flow between brain areas. This is challenging, since the underlying connected brain sources are mixed into EEG sensors due to volume conduction in the head. In this talk, we show that ma ...

23 February 2011 04:00PM

Kom og se Katalysatorer til omdannelse af vedvarende energi til brændstof

Katalysatorer til omdannelse af vedvarende energi til brændstof

- Bes√łg med rundvisning og foredrag ved leder af CASE, Professor S√łren Dahl
Den store energidensitet i kemiske brændstoffer er den væsentlige grund til, at de er svære at er-statte med andre energifo ...

15 February 2011 01:00PM

Timing Analysis Workshop & Safety Critical Systems


Participation is free of charge. For practical reasons we kindly ask you to register no later than February 11th, by visiting the following address:


12:45 Registration
13:00 Welcome, Paul P ...

08 February 2011 04:00PM

Kom og se nano på DTU Cen

Bes√łg med rundvisning og foredrag af seniorforsker Jakob Birkedal Wagner
Center for Elektronnanoskopi på DTU (DTU Cen) er som navnet antyder et center, der specialiserer sig i at visualisere nano-objekter. Centeret huser syv elektronmikroskoper, der anvendes til materiale-forskning på ...

18 January 2011 07:30PM

Sm√• atomkraftv√¶rker, Foredrag ved professor P.L. √ėlgaard

I mange √•r har tendensen for de opf√łrte atomkraftv√¶rker v√¶ret, at de har haft en stadig stigende effekt. I de sidste par √•r har der imidlertid vist sig stigende interesse for sm√• atomkraftenheder (50-300 MWe), og s√•danne er nu under udvikling. Professor P.L. √ėlgaard orientere ...

25 November 2010 09:00AM

3rd CMI international conference

Green ICT ‚Äďis ICT part of the solution or the problem?

18 November 2010 09:00AM

Sundhedsteknologi ‚Äď metoder, praksis & perspektiver

Under overskriften Sundhedsteknologi ‚Äď Metoder, Praksis og Perspektiver er Ingeni√łrh√łjskolen torsdag den 18. november v√¶rt for et seminar, hvor der s√¶ttes fokus p√• det sundheds- og medicotekniske fagomr√•de.

Seminaret afholdes i et samarbejde med Professio ...

01 November 2010 01:00PM

Seminar on Embedded/Safety Critical Systems

For some years embedded systems for safety critical applications have increasingly taken over important functions in our working and everyday life.

One reason for this to happen is obviously the ability of such systems to relieve humans from the burden of constant monitoring processes i ...

26 October 2010 04:00PM

IEEE Denmark Section: Annual Meeting at IEEE Denmark Section (Update: time change)

Dear members,

I hereby call for the Annual Meeting to be held at:

The IT University,Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 K√łbenhavn S,

on the 26 October 2010 at 15.00 Hours.

Meeting Room will be announced later.

The current eligible memb ...

25 October 2010 11:00AM

Smart Grid: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Challenges

IEEE Denmark Section and Aalborg University are pleased to invite you to a one- day workshop:

Smart Grid: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Challenges
Time:October25 2010,11:00- 16:30
Place: NOVI Auditorium,
Niels Jernes Vej 10,9220 Aalborg √ėst

See pro ...

14 October 2010 11:00AM

Fifth IEEE Workshop on Advanced Information Processing for Wireless Communication Systems

Meet Fellow researchers and students, expand your professional network, and learn about progress in the field of advanced information processing for wireless systems! <p>The workshop aims to facilitate professional and scientific networking among young researchers working in the field of signa ...

11 October 2010 12:30PM

Seminar on Sound Quality

The ability to quantify sound quality is obviously imperative for signal processing engineers working in the audio field. In some applications, sound quality is the primary design goal: process the audio signal to provide the listener with a more pleasant sound. In other situations sound quality is ...

13 September 2010 03:30PM

Technology Roadmapping

* Træf bedre og sikrere beslutninger om din forretning og teknologi

* Foredrag af Bent Bilstrup, Lakeside og Christian Kloch, Teknologisk

Et technology roadmap forbinder teknologi med planlægning og timing af
forretningen. Timing i forhold til mo ...

18 August 2010 08:00AM

IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games

IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games

See more on "":

23 June 2010 09:30AM

Workshop om kommercielle muligheder inden for satellitter og kommunikation

Gennem ARTES-programmet st√łtter det europ√¶iske rumagentur ESA virksomheders udvikling af teknologier, produkter og services, som anvender satellitbaseret telekommunikation. Sigtet er at fremme udviklingen af telekommunikationsprodukter og -services samt integrerede applikationer, som er konkur ...

16 June 2010 08:00PM

ExCom Board Meeting

ExCom Board Meeting

11 May 2010 09:00AM

Center for Software Defined Radio - achievements and future research activities

<p>On May 11 from 9.00 - 16.00 CSDR is hosting the seminar "Center for Software Defined Radio - achievements and future research activiites". <br><br>The seminar will be held at Aalborg University, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7A, seminar room A4-106.<br><br>SDR is alre ...

22 April 2010 11:00AM

Fifth IEEE Workshop on Advanced Information Processing for Wireless Communication Systems

<b>Meet Fellow researchers and students, expand your professional network, and learn about progress in the field of advanced information processing for wireless systems!</b><br>The workshop aims to facilitate professional and scientific networking among young researchers working in ...

30 March 2010 07:30PM

Om Planck og James Webb Space Telescope: Foredrag ved seniorforsker Hans Ulrik N√łrgaard Nielsen, DTU-Space

Planck satellitten blev sendt op d.14. maj 2009 og alting fungerer helt efter planen. Planck har nu gennemm√łnstret hele himlen og allerede produceret de bedste kort over den kosmiske mikrob√łlgestr√•ling, dvs. det lys, der blev frigivet ca. 400.000 √•r efter Big Bang.

Foredrage ...

24 March 2010 07:30PM

Mikro Hall Effekt - Foredrag ved Dirch Hjorth Petersen, Postdoc fra DTU Nanotech

Elektrisk karakterisering af ultra tynde halvledere: Både i halvlederindustrien og inden for grundforskning er karakterisering af de elektriske egenskaber af ultra tynde materialer yderst vigtig.

Til det formål har det vist sig at mikroskopiske fire-punkts prober er et helt enest

24 March 2010 02:00PM

Bluetooth for Audio Transmission

Initially an overview of the Sennheiser products (wired and wireless) is presented.
This is followed by a presentation of the Bluetooth protocol, targeting the specific applications of audio transmission and differences to the DECT protocol.

Then the applications of Sennheiser Com ...

18 February 2010 04:00PM

Statistical Signal Processing for Noncircular Complex Signals

<b>Seminar by Reader Danilo Mandic, Imperical College, London, UK</b><br>Statistical signal processing of complex valued signals is a fast growing research area, with a number of applications, from communications, via adaptive filtering and audio processing, through to renewable en ...

17 February 2010 05:45PM

Introduction to IEEE - The world's largest advanced tech. organisation

<b>Presentation by the world’s largest professional association - IEEE</b><br>Expat in Denmark's IT Network invites you to this exclusive opportunity to expand your network within the world’s largest professional association - IEEE. It is designed to serve profes ...

12 February 2010 01:00PM

Seminar on the Safety-Critical Systems

Embedded systems are increasingly used in safety-critical application areas, such as medical, railway, military, aerospace and factory systems, where a failure can endanger human life or the environment. Safety-critical embedded systems are becoming more complex, and use software and hardware to imp ...

01 December 2009 01:00PM

Software Defined Radio ( SDR) og Cognitive Radio (CR)

SDR in terrestrial systems - visions, applications and challenges

With the introduction of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and the new technology and service neutral spectrum regulation, there is a true competition on Mobile Data between the incumbent mobile operators and the new WiMAX ser ...

23 November 2009 09:00AM

One-day seminar: Introduction to Reconfigurable Architectures ‚Äď What, Why, and How?

IEEE Denmark Section, Center for Software Defined Radio and Teknologisk Institut invite you to a one-day seminar about reconfigurable architectures.The event will take place on Monday, November 23 from 9.00-14.00 Teknologisk Institut Gregersensvej, 2630 Taastrup Room no. 60Fo ...

10 March 2009 07:30PM

Planck missionen, DTU Space bes√łg.

Planck og Herschel er de to n√¶ste store videnskabelige missioner, som opsendes med en Ariane 5 raket af den europ√¶iske rumorganisation ESA d. 16. april fra rumbasen i Kourou, Fransk Guyana p√• sydamerikas nordkyst. Planck skal kortl√¶gge den kosmiske mikrob√łlgebag-grundsstr√•ling med ...

25 February 2009 03:00PM

Valg af Linux til et FPGA design

Indlejrede processorer bliver i stigende grad brugt i selv mindreapparater, da de nye generationer af FPGAer g√łr det let og billigt atimplementere en Softcore CPU og s√•ledes anvende software til atimplementere en del af apparatets funktionalitet.Brugen af embedded CPUer i et FPGA baseret syste ...

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