IEEE Graduates Of Last Decade - GOLD Denmark affinity group is created as a result of the focus IEEE is putting on those members making their first steps in the professional career. Some of their common denominators are:


  • Starting the professional career
  • Knowledge is ”on place”, but no real-world experience
  • Small or no network of contacts within companies
  • No experience with larger projects
  • Plenty of ideas, difficult realization
  • Probably still looking for the dream job


With the aforementioned characteristics of the GOLD members in mind, the IEEE GOLD Denmark affinity group focuses on several main topics, like: improving the networking skills of its members by encouraging them to attend the joint events with the regular members of IEEE Denmark, organizing seminars and workshops in developing skills that can boost ones career, inviting interesting event speakers, as well as participating in the IEEE mentoring program for exchanging experience, guidance and sharing knowledge among members. Most of the IEEE GOLD Denmark affinitigy group activities are organized as short events with reknown speakers, and these social and educational activities offered by GOLD are the way IEEE wants to add value to the membership for the recent graduates and those starting their professional careers.


If you are graduate of the last decade and you feel that you can help in organizing some interesting event, or just have an idea of something you are eager to hear or learn about, don't hesitate to contact IEEE GOLD Denmark: Nicola (nm(at) and Simone (sf(at)

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