Student membership

You can become a student member of IEEE for 27 USD per year (13.50 USD half a year), if you are a student or Ph.D.-student at AAU, DTU, DIKU, DAIMI and other engineering education institutions. This is a promotional price to attract students to IEEE and you get all the benefits that IEEE members get.


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IEEE is an international organization of engineers within the electronics and information technology areas and has more than 350,000 members.


IEEE is organized into a number of societies with published specialized journal within their fields. Society membership and journal subscription are optional but significant student discounts are available.


There are already 2 student branches in Denmark at DTU and AAU. If you are studying in these universities, you will also be a member of these groups by joining IEEE. If you are studying in other universities in Denmark and interested in establishing a student branch in your university or want to know about advantages of having a student branch, feel free to contact us.




For further information, contact IEEE Denmark Section's Student Representative, Student Branch Chairman, DTU and AAU Counsellors, or member contact.


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