IEEE Denmark Section

Welcome to the IEEE Denmark Section website. The website provides you with information on the organization of your section, upcoming events and news from the section, and how to get in contact with the section officers.

IEEE Denmark is an active section with currently close to 1000 members. The section is chaired by interim chair Prof. Sanja Lazarova-Molnar from the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). The Vice-Chair is Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam, Associate Prof. at Aalborg University (AAU), the secretary Rui Wu from Vestas, and the treasurer Johannes Hejselbæk from Nokia. Erik Stilling is Past Chair and SAMIEEE recipient.

Other volunteer officers in the section include Sanjeet Dwivedi from Danfoss Power Electronics, who serves as Industry Relations Coordinator together with Anders Mynster from FORCE Technology, Weizhi Meng from the Danish Technical University (DTU), responsible for Membership Development, Frede Blaabjerg from Aalborg University (AAU) who serves as Nominations and Appointments Chair, and finally Ariya Sangwongwanich from AAU who takes care of Student Activities.

The section has eight active sub-chapters, one active student branch at AAU and two affinity groups – Women in Engineering chaired by Sanja Lazarova-Molnar from SDU and Young Professionals chaired by Jacob Thomas Puthukeril from SDU. Jacob Thomas Puthukeril also acts as chair for Public Relations in the IEEE Denmark Section. For information about student branch activities, please visit AAU Student Branch. Martin Vang Kjaer currently acts as the section representative in the IEEE Student Activities Committee (SAC).

The eight sub-chapters within the section have the following society affiliations and chairs:

  • Joint Chapter Control System Society and Robotics and Automation Society
    Chaired by Rafael Wisniewski, Prof. at Aalborg University (AAU),
    Vice Chair Roberto Galeazzi, Assoc. Prof. (DTU)
    Secretary Christoffer Sloth, Associate Prof. (SDU)
  • Computer Society
    Chaired by Jilin Hu, Associate Prof. at Aalborg University (AAU),
    Vice Chair Kaixuan Chen , Assistant Prof. (AAU)
    Secretary Haomin Yu, Postdoc (AAU)
  • Signal Processing Society
    Chaired by Zheng-hua Tan, Prof. at Aalborg University (AAU),
  • Power & Energy Systems Society
    Chaired by Tilman Weckesser, Assistant Prof. (DTU),
    Vice Chair Saeed Peyghami, Assistant Prof. (AAU)
    Secretary Haris Ziras, Assistant Prof. (DTU)
  • Joint Chapter Vehicular Technology Society, Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, Information Theory and Communications Society
    Chaired by Ayat Zaki Hindi, Postdoc at Aalborg University (AAU),
  • Joint Chapter Industrial Electronics Society, Industry Applications Society and Power Electronics Society
    Chaired by Tomislav Dragičević, Prof. at the Danish Technical University (DTU),
  • Circuits and Systems Society
    Chaired by Farshad Moradi, Assoc. Prof. Aarhus University (AU),
    Vice Chair Alberto Nannarelli, Associate Prof. (DTU)
    Treasurer Hooman Farkhani, Assistant Prof. (AU)
    Secretary Sonal Shreya, Postdoc (AU)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
    Chaired by Pooya Davari, Associate Prof. at Aalborg University (AAU),
    Vice Chair Morten Sørensen, Associate Prof. (SDU)
    Technical Activities, Per Thåstrup, Senior Technology Specialist (Force Technology)
    Secretary Zhongting Tang, Research Assistant (AAU)

For more information, please browse the section website. If you want to get in contact with one of the sub-chapters, please use the email addresses above, or the contact form available from the top menu.