R800 (Region 8 - No Council)Type: Council
R8 (Europe, Middle East, Africa - Region 8)Type: RegionURL:
CH08102 (Denmark Section Jt. Chapter, CS23/RA24)Type: Joint Chapter
CH08238 (Denmark Section Chapter, SP01)Type: Chapter
CH08263 (Denmark Section Chapter, C16)Type: Chapter
STB21481 (Aalborg University)Type: Student BranchURL:
CH08267 (Norway/Denmark/Finland/Sweden Jt. Chapter, E25)Type: Joint Chapter
STB21641 (Technical University of Denmark)Type: Student Branch
CH08704 (Denmark Section Chapter, PE31)Type: Chapter
CH08228 (Nordics Joint Sections Chapter,EP21)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
CH08995 (Denmark Section Chapter,CAS04)Type: Chapter
YP80025 (Denmark Section Affinity Group,YP)Type: Affinity
WE80025 (Denmark Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: Affinity
CH08067 (Finland,Sweden,Denmark,Norway Jt Sec. Chap,NANO42)Type: Joint Chapter
CH08885 (Denmark Section Joint Chapter,IA34/IE13/PEL35)Type: Joint Chapter
CH08888 (Denmark Section Chapter,EMC27)Type: Chapter
SBC21481 (Aalborg University, PEL35/IA34)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC21481B (Aalborg University,PEL35/IA34/PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC216411 (Technical University of Denmark,PHO36)Type: Student Branch Chapter